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Creating opportunities for yourself in the future means capitalizing on the right opportunities available today.

At John Robinson, we harness the priceless opportunity that American colleges offer students and create extraordinary experiences for you to continue to develop as a footballer.

Taking a personal, comprehensive approach to life in the U.S., we leverage your football ability with the growing demand for international student ‘soccer’ players at American colleges.

While we also an exclusive European partner with College Fit Finder USA, the  #1 college recruitment player portal.

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After a 16 year professional career, John Robinson played over 30 times for Wales and made over 520 appearances in the Premier League and Championship for Charlton Athletic, Brighton, and Cardiff City.

Along the way, John played with the likes of Ryan Giggs, and against the likes of Ronaldo, Beckham, Seedorf, Raul, Rivaldo and many more of the worlds best players.

He now uses his high profile connections in football and his strong links to U.S colleges to create an elite and effective route to an American soccer scholarship.


Your decision to pursue a U.S soccer scholarship will create exciting opportunities for you.

You’ll grow as a player and person, physically, mentally, and socially, and you’ll be playing the game you love at unparalleled facilities across America.

You’ll separate yourself from the crowd with a degree from a top university and build relationships that will last a lifetime. We make this happen for you.

We take our Premier League standards into the service we provide to you to give you an elite edge on your route to the U.S. Creating unrivalled opportunities for you to reach new levels professionally, personally and on the football pitch.

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Geoff Reeves - College Fit Finder

We started working with John Robinson because he has a great work ethic to back up the connections he has globally. John has gone the extra step to develop personal relationships that have allowed him to get in front of organizations to show them the value of College Fit Finder. His knowledge and past experiences with the game brings tremendous value and we look forward on continuing to build on our relationship in the future.

Mark Hughes - Southampton FC Manager

"I have known John for many years as a team mate, then as his manager, both in the international scene for Wales. I can say that every time John did anything it was always with 100% effort and integrity, which is no coincidence why he has been able to make his life in America a success with his youth academy"

Scott Chalmers-Stevens
Gillingham FC (Division 1) First team GK coach
PSA Director

"I am really pleased to be working with John, who has played at the highest level against some of the best players in the world & is well respected here in the UK.

He is done a great job building his own youth Academy club, which is now established as one of the finest and most professional in Southwest Florida. Myself & Craig (co-owner PSA) are excited to form this new partnership with his college recruitment organization John Robinson Soccer USA, which will create lots of opportunities for players from both the UK & America."

Steve Foster, Former England International

“Over 25 years of knowing John, his values, & ethics in anything he does, will always be his main priority.

Since he started his football youth camps in Sussex, when he was still playing, you could see that helping develop players & giving them an opportunity, was always going to be John's path after he finished his professional career.

So its great to see him come back to the UK and bring opportunities to all level of players within the game through his John Robinson Soccer USA organization"

Dr Alan Sanders, Chief Executive, Russell Martin Foundation

"John was an inspirational figure to young people throughout his professional career as a player for Brighton, Charlton Athletic & as a Welsh international.

He continues to find ways to help aspiring young footballers through his college recruitment organization John Robinson Soccer USA & college fit finder player portal which is a wonderful asset for those wishing to play soccer their vocation.

For the Russell Martin Foundation, this is an ideal pathway for our young players to pursue"

Bertie Foster - Right Balance Player Management, Director

Through my dad's friendship with John, I was able to get to know him and he was so helpful with advice, when I decided to start my own football camps in Sussex.

He never saw me as a competitor but someone who wanted to start something. This showed me the kind of person John was, always willing to help others, with no ulterior motive or wanted something in return.

When I started my football player management organization, I would use John's experience, knowledge & eye for talent to help identify young players. Then when he moved to America he became our go to person for recommending youth players from America.

John is someone I trust as a friend, & for identifying young players to represent for our company in the professional world of football.

Kevin Laundon
County Manager - Sussex Schools FA

I have worked with John Robinson since the very first John Robinson Soccer School here in Sussex, UK and helped John to grow the soccer school into what would later become the largest Soccer Camp of its era in the area.

I later joined John in the US as a Coach and Camp Director to help kick start his Soccer Camps, bringing with me talented coaches from the UK that

I had handpicked to join us. Our professional relationship turned into a friendship that has span over two decades and has recently brought us back to the potential of working together again.

Ged O’Connor - Head Women’s Soccer Coach - Troy University

I have known John for close to a decade, and in that time have gotten to know him on a personal, and professional level, as well as being an assistant coach with him in the professional ranks.
In my time, I have seen John to be not only a great person, but great coach and mentor for those players underneath him.

His vast experience, knowledge, dedication & contacts within the world of football, is a major benefit & what makes John stand out from others.
I have worked extensively with his staff at his Elite Soccer Academy and have been impressed with the quality service that is offered to the college coaches.

I have no doubt that John Robinson Soccer USA will become a leader in the international recruitment and college scholarship arenas..

Evan Woodhouse - Men's Soccer Assistant Coach - Berkeley College NY

I was very impressed with how John was able to provide us with the necessary documents in a timely manner. He made the college application process, which can be emotionally straining on players, a very trouble-free and enjoyable experience.

His follow up was exceptional and was always available when we needed to speak with him. We felt very comfortable working with such reliable and organized person in order to assist us in recruiting players for our Institution.

We could not have be happier working with John and his college recruiting organization and look forward to working with him again in the future

Michael Ward - Head of Football and Sports Development - Charlton Athletic Community Trust

John is a Charlton Athletic legend, so it is great to have him working with us Charlton Athletic Community Trust on some exciting incentives.

Being able to offer our football and education academy players the opportunity of playing overseas in the USA is an exciting venture for each of them.

Forming a partnership with John Robinson Soccer USA, who have the Exclusivity to the College Fit Finder player portal will certainly give these players a chance to showcase their talents and fulfil their aspirations.

Oliver Twelvetrees - Head Men’s Soccer Coach - Eastern Florida State College

I have had the pleasure to know John personally since I moved to Florida and started the program at EFSC.

He has gone above and beyond in terms of helping his players get recruited to the next level. I have personally seen him travel across the country to help give his players an opportunity to progress.

His knowledge of the game is second to none, with a real eye for talent. He shares the same passion for the game and player development as I do and is in the game for the right reasons. He wants players to fulfill their potential and help them achieve their ambitions and goals on and off the field.

I highly recommend John’s programs to players, clubs and recruiters who are serious football people
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